How much does it cost to maintain a Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Service

The Model 3 might be the cheapest car Tesla has to offer, but it comes with a rather hefty price tag when compared to a slew of far more budget-friendly options that run on gasoline. As we all know, the cost of a vehicle isn't just about a price tag. Fuel costs can add up, depending on how much...

A review of the Jeda wireless pad for the Tesla Model 3/Y

Jeda Wireless Pad

Jeda was one of the first to make a wireless charging pad for the Tesla Model 3/Y. The first-gen accessory was greeted with mixed reviews though, with users taking issue with its size, thickness, and grip (or lack thereof). Now in latest third iteration, the Jeda wireless pad has been redesigned with customer feedback in mind. At...

7 must-have Tesla Model 3 accessories

Tesla Model 3

Tesla's USP for the interior of the car is minimalism. While that makes for an elegant look, you might end up needing a bunch of official and third-party accessories to make the most out of the car. That's certainly been my experience. After owning the car for over a year, here are some of my favorite Tesla Model 3...

The best accessories you can get to go camping in your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y

Tesla Camping

As we roll through the Fall, there are only a handful of months left for us to take advantage of the great outdoors. Be it a weekend family trip or to simply get away from it all on your own, camping is a great activity to consider. Now, you can even make your car do all the...

The best Tesmanian accessories you can get for the Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y - White and Red

The interiors of every Tesla is the epitome of minimalism. You'll have to rely on accessories instead to make the most of it. These not only add a touch of style, but some are almost necessary for their usefulness. There are a handful of OEM accessories available of course, but this has given rise to a recent,...

5 Must-Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is hitting its production stride, with over 30,000 units of the intriguing EV out and about in North America. I was lucky enough to trade-in my Model 3 for the Model Y, and immediately began my hunt to accessorize the car. There a slew of options to consider, but these are some that...

You can now share your Tesla with a click!

Tesla Key Cards

Sharing your Tesla with family and friends has just gotten a whole lot easier! Previously, you'd need to share your personal Tesla account credentials with another person if you wanted to let them use your car. With this new feature, all it takes is a click of a button to add household members and friends to your...

Should you buy a used electric vehicle? – The pros and cons

Electric Vehicle

Quite a few people are looking to go green, and a popular first step for many is to get an electric vehicle. However, even a cursory glance at the current crop of EVs will tell you that a brand new electric car is pretty expensive. Luckily, the second-hand market has a role to play here as well. Unsurprisingly, getting...

DJI Mavic Air 2 vs Mavic Mini – Is there a new “affordable” king?

Mavic Air 2

Flying a drone and aerial photography has become more and more accessible to the masses. You certainly don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a new drone anymore. DJI, the company that is at the forefront of drone technology, has slowly been fleshing out its own portfolio of consumer-level drones. With the recent launch, they now...

The DJI Mavic Air 2 is here – Everything you need to know

DJI Mavic Air 2

The Mavic Air is an extremely popular choice for a lot of aerial photography enthusiasts and people who just love flying drones, by managing to find a great balance between price and features. Given how fast technology advances, even the 2018 Mavic Air is "old" now, and DJI was primed to release a successor. Well, today is...