7 Things to know before you fly a drone in Canada

DJI Mavic Mini

If you're hoping to dip your toes into the exciting world of drone photography and flight, the first thing you'll need is to find the right one for you. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as buying a drone and taking it out for a spin. There a few, but important, rules and regulations you'll need to be aware of....

How to get your Tesla ready for the winter

Model 3 Winter

Temperatures are hitting single digits and even beginning to creep into the negatives here in Canada. Of course, it's only going to get colder as winter sets in. The good news is that your Tesla is designed and tested in harsh conditions. However, there are some useful tips and tricks you can follow to make sure that everything runs...

The new Jeda Tesla Tray covers all your charging needs

Jeda Tray

Jeda has some excellent products on offer to make sure you don't have to worry about keeping your devices charged in your Tesla. Joining its popular wireless charging pad and the USB Hub is the all-new Tesla Tray. The new charging pad not only ensures that your phone doesn't run out of juice, but lets you keep your accessories...

The best accessories you can get to go camping in your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y

Tesla Camping

As we roll through the Fall, there are only a handful of months left for us to take advantage of the great outdoors. Be it a weekend family trip or to simply get away from it all on your own, camping is a great activity to consider. Now, you can even make your car do all the work! Tesla...

DJI Mini 2 vs. Mavic Mini: The Mini you should get


Ultralight, powerful, and easy to use, DJI Mini 2 takes everything that makes Mavic Mini the best choice for beginners and improves its features, making it more intuitive and convenient. Read on to discover the four key upgrades of DJI Mini 2 from flight time to max video resolution. This quick summary might help you make the right choice...

DJI Mini 2 is here – All you need to Know

DJI Mini 2

The DJI Mini 2, the successor of the Mavic Mini, was announced today by DJI. This time around, DJI has dropped the "Mavic" from the name on its most popular successor to the Mavic Mini. It keeps the most important features of its predecessor though. It’s still low on weight, and more importantly, has an affordable price tag that...

How to setup TeslaMate on your own cloud and domain

TeslaMate Dash

There are quite a few choices available if you want to track and log your Tesla data. TeslaFi is one of the most popular options around, and you probably use it already. Unfortunately, you'll also have to share your Tesla token with them, that they will store on their databases, and not many are comfortable doing that.TeslaMate is a powerful, self-hosted...

How much does it cost to maintain a Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Service

The Model 3 might be the cheapest car Tesla has to offer, but it comes with a rather hefty price tag when compared to a slew of far more budget-friendly options that run on gasoline. As we all know, the cost of a vehicle isn't just about a price tag. Fuel costs can add up, depending on how much...

A review of the Jeda wireless pad for the Tesla Model 3/Y

Jeda Wireless Pad

Jeda was one of the first to make a wireless charging pad for the Tesla Model 3/Y. The first-gen accessory was greeted with mixed reviews though, with users taking issue with its size, thickness, and grip (or lack thereof). Now in latest third iteration, the Jeda wireless pad has been redesigned with customer feedback in mind. At least on...

7 must-have Tesla Model 3 accessories

Tesla Model 3

Tesla's USP for the interior of the car is minimalism. While that makes for an elegant look, you might end up needing a bunch of official and third-party accessories to make the most out of the car. That's certainly been my experience. After owning the car for over a year, here are some of my favorite Tesla Model 3...