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The new Jeda Tesla Tray covers all your charging needs

Jeda Tray
Jeda Tray

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Jeda has some excellent products on offer to make sure you don’t have to worry about keeping your devices charged in your Tesla. Joining its popular wireless charging pad and the USB Hub is the all-new Tesla Tray. The new charging pad not only ensures that your phone doesn’t run out of juice, but lets you keep your accessories ready to go as well. Here’s everything you need to know about the Jeda Tesla Tray!

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Jeda Tesla Tray features

Jeda essentially combines its two most popular products with the Tesla Tray by combining multiple wireless charging pads and the USB Hub into one device. The accessory comes with a pad to charge wireless earbuds that support qi-charging, like the Apple Airpods Pro and the Google Pixel Buds. You should also be able to charge most other true wireless earphones that support wireless charging.

Not leaving any peripheral behind, you can also keep your smartwatch charged with a second wireless charger. You’ll also be able to wirelessly charge any supported smartphones on the Tesla Tray as well. Jeda also managed to squeeze in a USB Hub into it, providing additional ports for data transfers, and in case you need to plug-in devices that don’t support wireless charging.

It’s a well-built product, with its anodized metal shell that slots smoothly into your Tesla’s center console. The molded, silicone interior provides a soft pad for your phone, smartwatch, and earbuds, and keeps them safe from scratches. Of course, it looks great as well with a sporty red colorway that really stands out.

Price and availability

The Jeda Tray will be available in two separate sizes for the Tesla Model 3 and the Model Y, so you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll fit. The Tray will be available starting today and will be priced at $109.

Buy Now – Get $20 off on your order with promo code: anythingtech

Stay tuned with Anything Tech for the detailed hands-on review of the Jeda Tesla Tray!

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